Team Ocmo
Based in Finland

Release Date:

Finland: 7. Sep. 2017
Global: TBA



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OCMO is a physics-based platformer with unique ninja rope game mechanics, precise touch-only controls and deep gameplay. It is tough but fair, and perfect for speedrunning.

Ocmo can walk, jump, swing with rope and pull itself up. Combining these basic moves is where the game starts to shine. For example pulling while swinging creates momentum and landing in low angle retains momentum. Fluent movement gives feeling of flow. Ninja rope is the core of the game. Timing of grab, pull and release, duration of pull and location of grab greatly affect the path of Ocmo and yield different speeds and trajectories. It’s not just about mastering the timing like in a typical platformer, but about understanding how the movement types react together. To understand how to gain inertia, how to redirect it, and how to maintain it. There is incredible depth in the movement system and exploring that depth is key element of the game.

OCMO is a game about learning difficult things. It is for those players that are willing to invest time in a game to truly learn it.

Team Ocmo

Team Ocmo is a Finnish independent game studio made up of Jouni Ipatti (Programmer/Lead Game Designer), Olli Raila (Artist/Game Designer) and Antero Järvi (CEO).

Awards & Recognition

Nordic Game Discovery Contest, Game of the Year 2017

Pocker Gamer Connects 2017 Helsinki Very Big Indie Pitch Winner
Casual Connect Indie Prize finalist 2017