Team Ocmo
Based in Finland

Release Date:

Finland: 7. Sep. 2017
Global: 16. Nov. 2017



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Team Ocmo’s first game

Team Ocmo is a Finnish three-man indie game studio, releasing our first game, Ocmo, a physics- based ninjarope platformer for iOS devices. As pc/console gamers, we’ve always valued depth of gameplay, tough action challenges and longevity above all else. Since we haven’t found a game on mobile that truly displays all these attributes, we decided to make one ourselves. We sought to create a Dark Souls -level challenge that fits the short gaming sessions typical for mobile play, striving for a gaming experience where there is always room to improve your skills.

Our team’s stubborn pursuit for quality over cost effectiveness stretched the project to span over 5 years. While the sanity of spending several months fine-tuning tentacle animations, background graphics, or sound effects might be questionable, we’re glad we did it: fine details bring the character alive and highlight the momentum- centric nature of the gameplay.

At first glance, Ocmo might look like an atmospheric yet simple physics- based platformer with a bunny-eating tentacle monster. The trick, however, is in the details of the unique movement system: it was designed with a long learning curve in mind. There aren’t many controls in the game. One only needs to tap or press to make Ocmo walk, jump, reach or pull with his tentacles. It is the correct combination and timing of these movements that creates nuanced gameplay. Achieving the effortless, fluid and free movement of an masterful Ocmo-player requires serious amount of practise.

Physics- based precision platformer

The Ocmo-creature’s bunny hunting journey through the game’s various environments is split into 80 short levels. Whether the levels be located in atmospheric forests, in narrow caverns or between moving parts of machinery, the danger is always present. One touch of the omnipresent slime sends Ocmo to his grave and the player to instantly retry. From the very beginning, passing a level is an accomplishment worth celebrating by mercilessly shredding a cute bunny into bite-sized chunks. Ragdoll based animation of the characters ensure that the kills stay fresh and rewarding.

Once learned, the tricks that cost the lives of hundreds of Ocmos to learn, are easily executed again, thanks to game’s precise controls and consistent physics. There still remain reasons to return to finished levels, though: one can find secret exits that unlock new areas in the World Map and, more importantly, speedrun old levels with newfound skills. Passing a level is only half the challenge: making it quick enough to unlock the even harder Dark World version of the level is the real deal. Maintaining Ocmo’s momentum through a complex path requires not only perfect execution, but also a solid understanding of the rope- swinging mechanics. Straight line is usually not the fastest route.

For competitive players, Ocmo offers great possibilities for speedrunning. Sophisticated tricks can be used to trim down the time of even a near- perfect run. In addition to Game Center highscore lists, there’s a possibility to share fastest runs through Everyplay for others to see.

For hardcore gamers

As a punishingly challenging game, Ocmo is not for everybody. However, for those willing to commit to learning, it offers constantly rising, yet rewarding, difficulty and gripping gameplay. Ocmo’s challenge is not just about harder and harder levels: mastering it requires reaction- level insight of how the movement types are chained together. Gaining this understanding takes longer than a glance; this complexity makes Ocmo best suited for people used to pc/console games such as Super Meat Boy or Trials, or for hardcore gamers on mobile.

To make sure the game fits its target audience, Team Ocmo has participated in various game events. So far the reception has been very positive: Ocmo won the “Game of the Year 2017” award at the Nordic Game Discovery Contest and “Very Big Indie Pitch” at PGConnects Helsinki 2017.

The game was soft- launched September 6th 2017 in Finland, for iOS only. So far, everything is going as planned: the game is not an overnight hit, but is slowly gaining its fanbase. To suit the audience’s preferences, it is premium priced, with no in-app purchases. The global launch date for iOS devices is November 16th, 2017. Team Ocmo will continue working on the title by porting it to PC and consoles, and possibly to Android devices.

Awards & Recognition

Nordic Game Discovery Contest, Game of the Year 2017

Pocker Gamer Connects 2017 Helsinki Very Big Indie Pitch Winner
Casual Connect Indie Prize finalist 2017